AGATE® applicators

Fat freezing of double chin, bra zone, back or knees
Agate applicator bra fold

AGATE® applicators

Cryolipolysis, the innovative fat freezing treatment for local fat deposits, doesn’t require anesthesia or surgery. That makes fat treatment with controlled cold one of the most popular non-invasive aesthetic procedures. The advantage of cryolipolysis at ICE AESTHEIC® is – besides the experience of renowned medical specialists – the technology employed: CRISTAL® is a certified cryolipolysis device that offers consistent cooling and highest comfort for the patient. Another benefit is the patented AGATE® system that consists of 3 special applicators that complement the standard range of morphologically shaped applicators. Thus, even the treatment of small fat folds is possible.

This is what the expert says

Dr Natalie Keller is specialist for general and aesthetic surgery and well-practiced in laser therapy. The anti-aging-specialist offers medical cryolipolysis treatments in her skin & beauty concept institute in Osnabrück. She knows very well what her patients put emphasis on: “Most patients are looking for a treatment of abdomen, love handles or hips. Besides that, a beautiful upper body includes the area besides the chest, the so-called bra fold. With increasing age, this area tends to fat depots.”

The small applicators of the AGATE® system are often used for treatment of jawline and double chin and are also suitable for bra folds, smaller areas of the upper back and the treatment of knees. “Summer means bikinis, strap dresses and short skirts. With AGATE®, decisive areas can be treated with controlled cold.”

Dr Natalie Keller

Dr Natalie Keller
Aesthetic Specialist

This is how it works

The course of treatment with AGATE® does not differ from other applicators of CRISTAL® – but the duration of treatment may vary. While hips or thighs can be treated simultaneously, the special applicators can only be used singly. That’s why you should allow for more time when you are looking for a treatment of the upper back or the bra area. Depending on the indication, a second treatment session can be necessary: “The chin usually needs a follow-up-treatment”, says Dr Natalie Keller. That results in increased patient satisfaction.

All ICE AESTHETIC® locations in the U.K. offer treatments with AGATE® applicators. For information about international ICE AESTHETIC® practices that offer AGATE® treatments of small body areas, please check out our AGATE® map.