Thick calves – where they come from and what you can do to slim them down

slimming down calves

Thick calves – where they come from and what you can do to slim them down

Are you avoiding short skirts in summer and tight boots in winter? Calves can be a problem area that is difficult to trim by diet and exercise. We talk about the causes and possible treatments of the area below the knees.

Where thick calves are coming from

A well-trained stomach is slimmer than before – trained calves are usually not. The reason for that is the distribution of fat among the different body parts. Whereas fat is likely to sit in the stomach area, it does not on the lower thigs. Calves tend to be strong, not thick. The musculus gastrocnemius is responsible for the size of a pronounced calve that doesn’t fit in tight boots.

In some cases health issues and retention of fluid in the legs can cause an excessive strong calve. If a health issue is suspected, a doctor must be consulted first.

How to slim down fat calves

In the case of general overweight and a high body fat percentage, weight loss can help to slim down thick calves. A fat freezing treatment of the tissue on the lower thigh can be helpful to shape the calves. A cryolipolysis treatment is especially recommended when body proportions seem to be out of balance.

Yoga and Pilates exercises form a trim silhouette with long and slender muscles which can work for strong, not thick calves as well. And an easy trick makes strong legs look more feminine: a small heel stretches the muscle of the lower thighs and makes them look more elegant in an instant.

Problem area without a problem

The ideal conception of beauty and tight skinny jeans might give the impression that a slender lower thigh is desirable. But, in contrast to overweight, a pronounced muscle is no risk to health. Actually, it has positive effects: Muscles increase calories metabolism and create a defined and firm body contour. Although you might wish for a different appearance, the problem area below the knee might be lacking a problem. Sometimes a change of perspective can help: Our legs carry us through life, they should be strong enough for that task.

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