Why the body shape changes with age

changes in body shape with age

Why the body shape changes with age

Feminine curves or defined muscles, the distribution of subcutaneous fat tissue determines our appearance. The fat distribution has partly genetic causes: saddlebags or a small tummy for example. But, the distribution of fat is significantly affected by hormonal factors.

The connection between hormones and fat distribution

Androgens and oestrogens, the male and female sexual hormones, have a huge influence on the position of local fat depots. The hormone household changes with puberty. That change is responsible for male or female body characteristics. Fat depots on the hip are caused by the sex hormone oestrogen, stomach fat is supported by a higher testosterone level.

Changes in the hormone household

The production of sex hormones decreases with age. The oestrogen level of women declines during the menopause, the testosterone level of men drops slowly and continually from an early age on. The result of this hormonal change is an altered distribution of fat tissue: men tend to develop love handles whereas women store more fat in the stomach area.

What to do when the hormones changes?

A change of hormones with age is a normal process that usually does not require any treatment. In case of an organic reason for an imbalance of hormones or persistent symptoms a medical doctor should be consulted.

When the changed body shape becomes a burden, different methods of bodyforming, such as liposuction or cryolipolysis, can be considered.