Additional service: shock wave therapy


Additional service: shock wave therapy

In addition to our cryolipolysis device CRISTAL®, we are now able to offer our partners a medical device for radial shock wave therapy. The shock wave replaces any manual massage performed after cryolipolysis treatment and can be further used for a variety of other purposes.

Advantages of shockwave therapy

STORZ MEDICAL is a global market leader in the field of shock wave technology. Manufactured in Switzerland, medical devices for shock wave therapy have been utilized in the fields of pain therapy and orthopedics for years. The acoustic waves soften tissue and are therefore perfect for application after a fat freezing treatment. Most patients perceive this method to be more pleasant, when comparing to a manual massage. Additionally, after-care intensity can be kept at a consistent level irrespective of the treating therapist.

The results of extensive scientific studies and research, as also practical experience, convinced us of the effectiveness, safety and quality of these medically approved devices.

Numerous fields of application

Non-invasive shock wave therapy can be offered to patients with weak connective tissue and cellulite, irrespective of any fat freezing treatment. In 6–8 treatment sessions, tissue elasticity can be greatly improved by the acoustic shock waves by activating metabolic processes.

Besides the use in combination with cryolipolysis or as an exclusive treatment of weak connective tissue, the STORZ MP 200 ULTRA can also be used for cupping and many other health-beneficial treatments.

Possible beauty treatments:



Wrinkle smoothing



Treatment of stretch marks



Treating cellulite

Please feel free to contact us at any time for more information regarding medical shock wave therapy!